myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin


myCred is an intelligent and adaptive points management system that allows you to build and manage a broad range of digital rewards including points, ranks and, badges on your WordPress/WooCommerce powered website.

Build brand loyalty by rewarding your customers through store reward systems, community leaderboards, monetizing your website content, etc. – The possibilities are endless.

Increase customer engagement tenfold – Rewarding your users for community engagement will help your business grow.


myCred allows THREE different ways through which you can award your users:

  • Points – Set events and triggers to allow real-time tracking and automatically award your users with points.

  • Ranks – Set ranks within your leaderboards and reward your users with significant perks after they reach a certain milestone.

  • Badges – Boost your users’ participation by rewarding them for their exceptional performance.

Latest update – myCred v2.3

myCred v2.3 is a core update that helps the admin award points, badges and ranks to users in bulk. Similarly, the admin can also choose to revoke these award types from multiple users simultaneously.

Here are some of the most prominent features of the latest update:

  • A “Bulk Assign” tool for awarding/revoking points, badges, and ranks in bulk.
  • The admin can exclude any user role from receiving points. Previously, the admin could only exclude users using user ID only.
  • A timeframe attribute in [mycred_my_balance_converted] shortcode – users can see their converted point balance in a given timeframe using predefined filters (Yesterday, Today, this week, this month, last month).

Last update – myCred v2.2

myCred v2.2 focuses on improving the overall user interface, single badge page layout, point-type image, and social media sharing for a better user experience and operational efficiency.

  • New UI design of the main menu – A fresh new look of our main menu allows users to easily navigate between logs, hooks, and general settings.
  • Upload Point-type image – Give your point type a unique identity by assigning them an image.
  • Enable/Disable add-ons – Save time and use toggle buttons for enabling or disabling add-ons.
  • Social share setting – Allow users to share their achieved badges on their social profiles.
  • Treasures – A brand new collection of attractive graphical images that can be used for ranks and badges.
  • Suggestions – Submit your ideas and suggestions on the new suggestion page.


Join the myCred membership club today and take advantage of premium services that include priority customer support and hundreds of add-ons at a super-saver price – Save 30% on all 3-year plans!

  • Instantly gain access to 50+ myCred add-ons.
  • Premium support & priority updates.
  • One membership license key that works for all add-ons.
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  • Upgrade your package at any time to get more add-ons.

Check the package pricing page for the add-on list


Point Management

Empower your WordPress website users by rewarding them points – each user has their own POINT BALANCE that can be used in purchasing online products or online activities.

– Point Balances: Each user on your website will have their own point balance, where they’ll be able to gain/lose viewpoints.
– Account History: Each time a user gains or loses points on your website, the transaction is logged into a central log for accountability.
– Points Management: You have full control over your users’ point balances; You can adjust your user/s balance by adding or removing points with or without a log entry.
– Automatic Points: Automatically award or deduct points from your user’s balance for their interaction on your WordPress/WooCommerce website.
– Multiple Point Types: Create multiple point types through the admin area to manage things easily. There is no limit to the number of point types you can have at your disposal.
– Buy Points: The buyCred add-on allows your users to purchase points using real money using some of the most popular payment gateways available in the market today.
– Store Payments: myCred supports some of the most popular store plugins for WordPress, allowing your users to pay for orders/tickets using their point balance instead of real money.


– Open Badge Functionality – new opportunities to recognize and validate achievements digitally.
– Add badge details (name, achievement, website details, etc.).
– Badge recognition and validation through different badge verification websites.
– Single Badge Page is an exclusive page for each badge and its information (badge name, image, badge description, achievements, and benefits)
– Open Badge Search Filter – [myCred badge list] shortcode gives you the ability to add search fields and filters for badges.
– Evidence Shortcode – Technical support for badge verification purposes.
– Badge Evidence Download Button – Access Open Badges of any users on the website. The admin can also download any given badge images.
– The “Quick Edit« badge option will allow you to modify the information of any particular badge.



cashCred is a built-in myCred add-on that allows users to redeem myCred points for real money anytime, anywhere. Give users the power to earn points through myCred’s intelligent rewards system. Instead of giving them cash, you reward them with points that can be encashed at any time.

cashCred works perfectly with a reward system that engages users to perform activities that require user interaction (watching a video, filling out a survey, and more).

– Convert Points to Cash – Users can redeem myCred points for money.
– Multiple Point Types – Allow multiple custom point types.
– Exchange Rates – Define exchange rates for each point type.
– Cash Withdrawal – Users can send a request to the admin for cash withdrawal
– User Requests – Approve or deny user requests for cash withdrawal.
– Additional Notes – Write additional notes for users, which will be displayed on the payment form.
– Currency Code – Define the currency code (USD, GBP, AUD, etc.) for the payment form.
– Shortcode Support – Display the cashCred module on the website using a shortcode.
– Set Limits & Restrictions – Set minimum or maximum restriction limits on point conversion requests.
– Pay Through PayPal – cashCred supports payment through PayPal.
– Pay Through Stripe – cashCred supports payment through Stripe.
– Create email events/templates for cashCred pending/approved/cancel requests.

Template Tags

– Signup Referral Hook (%user_name%) – This hook returns a username whenever a user signup using a referral link.
– Sell Content (%Price%) – This template tag returns the number of points a user needs to purchase content.
– Badges (%badge_title% and %badge_image%) – Display users’ new badge title and image in the outgoing email.
– Ranks (%rank_title% and %rank_image%) – Display users’ new rank title and image in the outgoing email.

Dedicated Log

Each time myCred adds or deducts points from a user, the adjustment is logged in a dedicated log, allowing your users to browse their history. This log keeps a record of your user’s accountability, badges, and ranks, among other useful statistics.

This log data can be converted into charts to help you visualize the usage and circulation of points on your website.

You can achieve the following features by using a dedicated log for your points system:

  • Set a limit to the maximum number of times each hook can give out points to your user.
  • Badges will use the log’s data to determine which user has earned a badge.
  • Add-ons such as Sell Content use the log to track users who have purchased posts from your website.
  • Add-ons use the log to ensure that a user does not gain repetitive points for the same interaction within a given time frame.


  • Issue badges for any combination of achievements.
  • Detailed badge categorization.
  • Industry-related achievements.
  • Achievement list Shortcode allows you to display myCred badge listing in tabs individually or in a category.

Additional features

– White-Labeling: myCred has built-in support for white-labeling: This allows you to rename the plugin in your admin area to anything you like.
– Import & Export: myCred comes with three built-in import tools allowing you to import points, log entries, or migrate your CubePoints installation.
– Multi-Site Support: myCred has built-in support for multi-sites, allowing you to choose between using a unique myCred installation or centralize balances across your network.
– Leaderboards: Generate leaderboards based on your user’s balance or points history – display users with the most points for a particular instance.
– myCred referral stats shortcode: The [mycred_referral_stats] shortcode allows you to display the total count of referred visitors/signups users on your website.
– Theme Independent: The myCred plugin is theme independent – Your theme needs to support widgets and shortcodes to run myCred.
– BuddyPress Ready: myCred has had built-in support for BuddyPress through which you can access BuddyPress-related features like Insert point balances/badges/ranks into your user’s profiles.
– Bootstrap Ready: myCred comes with minimal CSS styling to give you the freedom to style everything according to your needs.
– Translation Ready: You can add your own language translation or adjust the built-in translation support.
– Back-up of your data – Remove all/specific data upon plugin deletion from the database or keep it as a backup.


myCred is much more than just a point management system – The plugin comes with several built-in add-ons that enable you to perform complex tasks such as transfer or buy points for real money, allow payments in stores, etc.

– Badges: Award your users badges based on their points history.
– buyCred: Let your users buy points in exchange for real money.
– Coupons: Create coupons that can be redeemed for points.
– Email notifications: Setup email notifications for status updates.
– Gateway: Let users pay with points in your store.
– Notifications: Enable popup notifications that display status updates.
– Ranks: Create ranks based on the user’s point balance.
– Sell Content: Sell your content in exchange for points.
– Statistics: Get a statistical overview of points in circulation, etc.
– Transfers: Allow your users to transfer points to other users.

Power your WordPress website with 50+ add-ons ranging from categories like Gamification and Freebies to Third-Party Bridges and Store Gateway.


myCred supports some of the most popular WordPress plugins like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Disqus, Gravity Forms, among countless others.

Simple & organized To keep your admin area organized, myCred will only show features and setting for those third-party plugins that are installed and enabled.


myCred is integrated with a large number of popular learning management systems, that include:







You can find extensive documentation on myCred related add-ons in the myCred Codex. You can also find a list of frequently asked questions on the myCred website.


myCred has the ability to do-it-all because we have put in a lot of effort to make sure that the supported plugins are as developer-friendly as possible. If you need to build a custom feature, simply submit a request for a quote via the myCred website.


We offer support on our myCred website from 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday (GMT+5).

You can either submit a customization request or open a support ticket any time you’re facing trouble with myCred.

If you’re facing a problem that is not described in our technical documentation, we suggest that you consult myCred’s online community with your question. We pay users through myCred Store Tokens as a reward for reporting bugs and even their fixes.


  • WordPress 4.8 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • PHP mcrypt library enabled
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Language Contributors

  • Swedish – Gabriel S Merovingi
  • French – Chouf1 Dan – BuddyPress France
  • Persian – Mani Akhtar
  • Spanish – Jose Maria Bescos Website
  • Russian – Skladchik
  • Chinese – suifengtec Website
  • Portuguese (Brazil) – Guilherme
  • Japanese – Mochizuki Hiroshi


  • Point Type Image
  • Built in Add-ons
  • Free Add-ons
  • Premium Add-ons
  • Badges Social Share
  • Badges Layout & Alignment


You can find a list of frequently asked questions on the myCRED website.


11 сар 20, 2021
Great plugin, great add ons, and fantastic support! Support was very nice, quick and knowledgeable and resolved my issue quickly. I would highly recommend anyone to use MyCred for their WordPress Website!
11 сар 9, 2021
I've been comparing 8 plugins before ended up with this one. I had 2 final options, tried both, and decided to use this one due to its versatility and bunch of add ons. After spending one hour exploring this plugin, I couldn't figure out how to make it work, and the support team helped me with a video guide. I am glad i chose this one! I hope to explore more add ons soon. I will have more questions in the future perhaps ;D
11 сар 1, 2021
I've been using myCred for years. Feature rich compared to the other rewards systems I've investigated. I almost recently switched to another system, but I once again became a myCred loyalist after comparing features. Ironically, the pro features are more affordable than most of the other options out there. Thanks for the years of great support and such a powerful system.
10 сар 29, 2021
Promptly told how to resolve the situation. I configured the plugin incorrectly, and the technical support told me how to do everything right very quickly. Thank you very much.
10 сар 21, 2021
A really great plugin with extensive collaboration options. You can use it with all the major membership plugins. Also, they are really helpful when you ask them a question or need support.
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  • TWAEK – Code improvement.


  • TWAEK – Improve license system.


  • NEW – Introduced a “Bulk Assign« tool for awarding/revoking points, badges, and ranks.
  • NEW – Introduced a new feature “Exclude by user role« admin can exclude any user role from the specific point type.
  • NEW – Introduced a timeframe attribute in [mycred_my_balance_converted] shortcode. Now you can show users converted balance of a given timeframe today, yesterday, this week, this month, last month.
  • FIX – Sometimes user’s ranks were not updating automatically.
  • FIX – Membership page layout issues.
  • FIX – Points conversion not working when using arrows to increase or decrease the amount in [mycred_cashcred] shortcode.
  • FIX – buyCred payment dialog couldn’t load on the subsite.
  • FIX – After deleting the badge their data will keep existing on the user’s meta.
  • FIX – “this-week« value not working in [mycred_leaderboard] timeframe attribute when the week starts other than “Monday« in your WordPress setting.


  • NEW – Moved general settings and menus into the newly introduced “myCred« main menu.
  • NEW – On plugin activation, the default point type will be created automatically.
  • NEW – Added new template tags in email notification for transfer events.
  • NEW – Now user can upload a Point type image.
  • NEW – Introduced an image attribute in mycred_my_balance shortcode.
  • NEW – Introduced an image attribute in mycred_leaderboard shortcode.
  • NEW – Introduced Single badge page layout setting.
  • NEW – Introduced a enable/disable all addons button.
  • NEW – Users can share their achieved Badges on social media.
  • TWEAK – When a user deletes the log of buy_content, the sales count does not get updated. So, we have Introduced the “Update Sales Count« button in the settings.
  • TWEAK – Improve new point type creation form setting.
  • FIX – Backend logs are not being exported whether the export raw/formatted log option is set.
  • FIX – Incorrect achieved badge level image in [mycred_badges] shortcode.
  • FIX – In the Ranks list page All/Published/Trash links not working properly.
  • FIX – Unable to revoke badge from the User profile page.
  • FIX – Added some security validations in the transfer form.
  • FIX – MYSQL 8 syntax error in the leaderboard shortcode.
  • FIX – Added compatibility with BuddyPress version 8.0


  • NEW – Introduced new template tags %badge_image%, %badge_title%, %rank_image% and %rank_title% for myCred email notification addon.
  • NEW – Added support for cashCred payment email in myCred email notification addon.
  • NEW – Added myCred Open badge image download button in the user profile(backend).
  • NEW – Added a new support menu in myCred for suggestions and support.
  • NEW – Added search bar and filters in mycred_badges_list shortcode.
  • NEW – Introduced a new template tag %price% for myCred sell content “Insufficient Funds Template«.
  • NEW – myCred Badge Quick Edit.
  • NEW – Introduced a new shortcode mycred_referral_stats which shows the referral stats for logged-in users.
  • NEW – Introduced a new template tag %user_name% for “Signup Referral« log template.
  • NEW – Introduced a setting for uninstalling. Now users can select which data will be deleted during myCred uninstall.
  • NEW – Introduced new action hook mycred_after_points_referral.
  • NEW – Introduced new action hook mycred_after_referring_signups.
  • NEW – Introduced new filter hook mycred_hook_referrals.
  • NEW – Introduced new filter hook mycred_before_hooks_save.
  • NEW – Introduced new fitler hook mycred_woo_gateway_user_id.
  • FIX – Unable to deactivate point types in buyCred Setting.
  • FIX – The user was unable to export the log from the frontend.
  • FIX – Height and width attributes in the mycred_my_badges shortcode were not working.
  • FIX – myCred Cubepoints importer was not importing date correctly.
  • FIX – If badges AND ranks were not active email notifications were not sending emails.
  • FIX – The user was unable to export the log from the frontend.
  • FIX – In the mycred_sales_history shortcode expires time was incorrect.
  • FIX – A broken image shows when the badge image does not set.

  • FIX – Email notification issues.
  • FIX – Broken image if badge default image wasn’t set.
  • FIX – mycred_my_badges width and height attributes wasn’t working.

Improvement – Code optimization

  • FIX – Remove warnings


  • NEW – Open badge functionality in myCred Badge addon.
  • NEW – Introduce Achievement Types.
  • NEW – Introduce a new shortcode mycred_badges_list.
  • NEW – Single badge page.
  • NEW – Added support into Badges for Anniversary hook.
  • NEW – Added support into Badges for wooCommerce purchase reward.
  • NEW – Added %rank_title% template tag support in Email Notifications.
  • NEW – Added attributes in mycred_transfer shortcode.
  • FIX – mycred_history shortcode pagination not working properly when cache enabled.
  • FIX – Ranks weren’t working properly on the current balance.
  • FIX – mycred_sell_this shortcode not working in the bbPress topic
  • FIX – The central deposit missing log entry in some cases.
  • TWEAK – Removed deprecated functions.
  • TWEAK – Code Improvement.
  • TWEAK – Improve styling of mycred_transfer shortcode.


  • NEW – Added compatibility for multiple currencies in CashCred Paypal addon
  • FIX – Php erros in myCred woocommerce gateway
  • FIX – Points on daily visit hooks not working in some conditions
  • FIX – myCred CashCred multisite issues
  • TWEAK – license system


  • FIX – myCred membership license not activating for members


  • NEW – myCred CashCred
  • NEW – Added filter ‘mycred_link_click_amount’
  • NEW – Added exclude attribute in myCred leaderboard
  • NEW – Added ‘NOT LIKE’ and ‘!=’ operator for expiration addon
  • FIX – Php notices in rank addon
  • FIX – Rewards points option not visible for other product type in woocommerce
  • FIX – Erros in mycred_total_balance shortcode
  • FIX – myCred logs export issue
  • FIX – Fixed mycred admin dashboard overview widget showing incorrect or same amount of points
  • FIX – buyCred gift_to attribute not working
  • TWEAK – myCred Central Deposit

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