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OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor


An awesome set of tools, options and settings that expand Elementor defaults. Instead of creating new Elementor Widgets, these act like an upgrade of existing options or the self-standing panels thing.

What is new?

Added new extensions : Oh! Animator (GSAP – ScrollTrigger animation), Container Extras, resolved issues that relate to the latest version of Elementor – 3.6+

In the package so far

    Allows you to change the writing mode (CSS property writing-mode) of Elementor’s Heading and Text Editor widgets.

    Add an overlay or underlay ghost-element to any Elementor Widget. By adding a mask image to these, and/or combining them with CSS filters, blend mode, a wow effect is inevitable. Oh, yes, you can also resize and reposition these if you like.

  3. OVERLAIZ (works up to Elementor 3.5.9, use Pseudo extension for Elementor 3.6 and above)
    From now on, you can move the Background Overlay in any direction, as well as to resize it. Creating overlapping columns is now piece of cake.

    Your frustration with styling up the posts pagination in Elementor is now officially over.

  5. BREAKING BAD (works up to Elementor 3.5.9)
    Tailor the Section columns at will! Set the custom width, height and let them collapse naturally.

    Generate the slider out of Section and columns with one click only!

  7. PHOTOGIRAFFE (works up to Elementor 3.5.9)
    Make any Image full-height

  8. TELEPORTER (works up to Elementor 3.5.9)
    An awesome Coulmn hover controls

    Decide what to search for; posts only, pages only or everything.

    Add the SVG mask to the Section video background and let the video play inside any shape

    Find it uder the Page Settings! It allows you to define the visual grid and thus ensure consistent vertical spacing with your typography and page elements.

    From now on you can design awesome buttons in Elementor! Forget about those flat, boring and outdated buttons style, Butter Button brings fun!

    A small set of options that allow you to move widgets in 3D space

    This extension allows you to create the shadow that conforms the shape.

    From now on you can add the clip-path to the Image widget for Normal and Hover state.

    Style up your Post Comments from Elementor.

    Adds new shine to the Spacer widget.

  18. IMBOX
    More controls to the Image Box widget.

    Animate widgets on column’s mouse-over event

    Allows you to additionaly style Image Carousel and Media Carousel controls.

    Stack widgets one after another inside the column.

  22. ICOBOX
    More controls to the Icon Box widget.

  23. PSEUDO
    Add and manage Column’s pseudo elements. It’s a PoopArt for Columns!

    The power of Locomotive Scroll is now available in Elementor too!

    The power of Locomotive Scroll is now available in Elementor too!

  26. BULLET
    Moves the bullet of the Icon List widget to the top (fine tune with the margin)

    Just a few settings atop to make the life with the Container element easier

    Do those tricky GSAP-ScrollTrigger(ed) animations via the user-friendly interface


  • HARAKIRI text options
  • POOPART interface
  • OVERLAIZ interface
  • HARAKIRI in action
  • POOPART composition
  • OVERLAIZ overlapping
  • PAGININI options
  • BREAKING BAD section
  • BREAKING BAD column
  • GLIDER interface
  • GLIDER as a Slider
  • TELEPORTER options
  • VIDEOMASQ options
  • BASELINE GRID options
  • BUTTER BUTTON options
  • PERSPEKTIVE options
  • SHADOUGH options
  • PHOTOMORPH options
  • COMMENTZ options
  • SPACERAT options
  • IMBOX Image options
  • IMBOX Content options
  • WIDGET STALKER options


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


How do I use OoohBoi Steroids?

It depends on the widgets that you are editing. For example, if you are about to style Heading widget or Text Editor widget, HARAKIRI options will show up.
All the POOPART options can be found under “Advanced« tab, POOPART panel.
Rest assured, you won’t miss them because there will always be an eye-catching icon next to the set of options (or the panel title).

Do I need Elementor PRO with this add-on?

No, you don’t. It’ll work with both free version of Elementor and Elementor PRO.


6 сар 8, 2022
but this time I have to. This extension is really useful if you want to create sliders with custom or multi-column content that can then be easily edited by the end user. It also allows you to have real control over the width of the columns and to avoid the Elementor bug on this point. Not well known yet, but probably the most useful of the Elementor extensions.
5 сар 30, 2022
I've been using this plugin for the past year and I must say this is a must-have if you want to expand your layout designs on your Elementor pages. There are so many awesome tools here, it's truly Elementor on steroids. Oooh Boi has many tutorials on his YouTube channel to get you up-to-speed on how to use this very extensive plugin, (hope to see more). Kudos Oooh Boi! Keep up the good work!
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  • Fix: CONTAINER EXTRAS – Fixed buggy custom container Width
  • New: HARAKIRI – Clip-text option added
  • New: HARAKIRI – Text-indent option added
  • New: WIDGET STALKER – Added a true margin option (opposed to Elementor’s default working like a padding)
  • NOTE: INTERACTOR extension temporarily disabled until the issue resolved


  • Fix: IMBOX – Added option to align content vertically when “Prevent Image and Title Collaps« enabled
  • Fix: OH ANIMATOR – Front-end animation bug
  • New: CONTAINER EXTRAS – added options to calc() min-height and set the Container link
  • New: WIDGET STALKER – panel options moved to the Advanced > Layout for Elementor 3.6+
  • New: WIDGET STALKER – added the real Margin option (Elementor sets the widget margin as if dealing with padding)
  • New: OVERLAIZ – Now working with the Flex Container too
  • external libraries update: GSAP, ScrollTrigger, ScrollToPlugin, MotionPathPlugin – 3.10.4
  • Note: PERSPEKTIVE extension removed for Elementor 3.6+ (R.I.P)


  • New extension: OH! ANIMATOR (available only if the GSAP and ScrollTrigger libraries enabled)
  • New extension: CONTAINER EXTRAS
  • New library added: three.js
  • GLIDER: now fully compliant with Containers
  • Fix: Elementor 3.6+ compliance issues


  • Major code improvements (up to 3x faster)
  • Improved interface
  • Reset to defaults now works properly
  • GSAP and its plugins (ScrollTrigger, MotionPath and ScrollTo) are now loaded from the CDN
  • All extensions but TELEPORTER are Container friendly (future Elementor 3.6)
  • Fix: BUTTER BUTTON background flickers on hover
  • BUTTER BUTTON: removed Typography control (typography inherited from the Button widget)


  • New: BULET – Added option to vertically align the bullet of the Icon List widget
  • Improvement: HARAKIRI – Added option to cut off the bottom margin of TextEditor widget
  • Fix: PHP 8.0+ warning related to the “exopite-simple-options-framework-class.php on line 1700«
  • core improvements – thanks to @nome_nation!


  • New: ANIME.js added to optional/includable libraries
  • New: ICOBOX – prevent icon/title collapse on mobile devices
  • New: IMBOX – prevent thumbnail/title collapse on mobile devices
  • Fix: PERSPEKTIVE extension now works as expected


  • Fix: Elementor editor content overflow issue for the “Layers for Elementor« WP theme
  • Fix: Baseline Grid messed up lines
  • Fix: SEARCHCOP for Product post type
  • Update: GSAP to 3.7.1
  • Update: ScrollTrigger to 3.7.1
  • Update: MotionPath to 3.7.1


  • New: GLIDER – Centered Slides (a.k.a. centeredSlides) option added
  • New: GLIDER – De-blur Slides (a.k.a.roundLenghts) option added
  • Fix: Pseudo AFTER – Clip-path option visibility
  • Fix: the class usage of Elementor\Scheme_Color


  • Fix: Pseudo for Columns inherited by the Inner Section
  • Fix: Imbox “Box z-index« option not available unless Overrides is enabled
  • New: Imbox added “Box shadow« option to the content


  • New: Added “barba.js« library
  • New: Added 2 new GSAP plugins; ScrollTo and MotionPath
  • Fix: if WP not installed in the root, SFE can’t be loaded (“Failed to load plugin url« error msg)
  • New option: Glider – Enable Mousewheel


  • New: Added option to remove the “data-scroll-section« attribute (see Manage JS Libraries)
  • Added required GSAP License acknowledgement


  • Fix: GSAP and ScrollTrigger loaded in Elementor editor
  • Improvement: Plugin Settings interface
  • Improvement: Clickable column has the custom class name “bb-column-link« (front-end only)


  • Added “silent« page refresh on window resize event to the Locomotive Scroll pages
  • Fixed Sucuri malware warning
  • Fixed laggy Locomotive Scroll Multiplier on Firefox
  • LOCOMOTION – all the built-in “fade« classes now work normally with Sections and Columns


  • New feature added, LOCOMOTION – Locomotive Scroll for Elementor
  • New Options panel for the plugin
  • Include/exclude JS libraries (Locomotive Scroll, GSAP, ScrollTrigger) from the plugin Options
  • COMMENTZ – added option to hide the “Website« input field
  • Fixed JSON.parse JS error (deprecated functions replaced)
  • Fixed Scheme_Typography deprecated function warning for Butter Button and Commentz extensions
  • Extended support for the Optimized DOM Output Experiment (elementor-image and elementor-text-editor)


  • ICOBOX, added responsive control for the Icon size
  • ICOBOX, extended range of the CSS units for all Override controls
  • IMBOX, added responsive control for the Image size
  • IMBOX, extended range of the CSS units for all Override controls
  • BREAKING BAD, added option to create the Column-link


  • New feature added, PSEUDO – it’s like a PoopArt for Columns
  • HOVERANIMATOR, Offset TOP and Offset Left properties now support the CSS calc() input too


  • OVERLAIZ, the Mask option now works for all types of backgrounds
  • GLIDER, added support for multiple slides per view (thanks to xmastermind)
  • GLIDER, restore-to-section issue fixed
  • GLIDER, gotoslide is now supported via the custom class name ( .glider-control-1, .glider-control-2, … .glider-control-10 )
  • HARAKIRI, added responsive option for Mix Blend Mode
  • HARAKIRI, added HOVER color option
  • IMBOX, added controls for manipulating border (image and the text box)